Autonomous Research & Guard Oversea System (ARGOS)

A.R.G.O.S. is an innovative framework composed of the latest technologies: (i) An autonomous drone responsible to follow a pre-defined route and guard a particular area equipped with a smart module for object detection using machine learning, (ii) a cloud based infrastructure for hosting the server and the database as well as more advanced machine learning techniques for face and emotion detection, (iii) an autonomous vessel for navigating to particular locations with an accuracy less than 1 meter by auto-correcting its navigation and (iv) a universal windows platform application for real-time tracking and monitoring the missions. Even though A.R.G.O.S. is initially developed to support coast guard in search and rescue missions during, for example, the migration crisis, its innovation and technological composition provides opportunities for several other applications.


National Winner - Microsoft Imagine Cup '16 - European University

Winner - StudentLife Award 2016 - Online

Winner - Youth Award 2016 (Category: Innovation) - Online


Stefanos Hadjipetrou - Developer

Lefteris Eleutheriou - Developer

Iasonas Iasonos - Developer