Aristotle - Purchase of Services from Specialists for the National Program Physical Condition Assessment of the student population "Aristotle" Secondary School.

About the project

The online platform is designed based on the modern ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which provides the ability to create dynamic web pages and data management systems in a powerful and flexible way using modern web standards. The data is stored and structured in a MySQL database. The online platform currently includes a home page, the data management and statistics visualization system for specialized users (project managers that include the Department of Education and Frederick University and schools), and teacher and student web applications. The home page available to the general public includes general project information. Specialized users (administrators and schools), teachers and students have secure access to the online platform using a username and password. The Administrator of the electronic platform has access to all its existing functions, which includes the management of the data of schools, teachers, students, as well as the correlations between them. Data can be entered either manually (one by one), or by bulk loading Excel files. In addition, the administrator is responsible for creating the tests and questionnaires. The school can manage the data of the students, teachers and classes under it, as well as the relationships between them. The Teacher can enter the test scores of the students who are in the classes where he teaches, as well as see the data by class and student. The Student can complete the available questionnaires and see the corresponding messages based on his answers and the results of the tests per year.

Sustainable Development Goals:


  • Stylianos Georgiou - Lab Assistant - Developer

  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Project Leader

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