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Fundamental Research Projects

Total Funding: 1201800
Title: HIT (Hate Interrupter Teams)
Funding Body: JUST Programme, European Commission
About: Hate Interrupter Teams: Youth counteracting hate speech towards migrants and minorities through participatory and creative campaigning. (#HITproject)
Duration: 2018-2021

Title: iLIFE-Troodos: Troodos National Forest Park: Promoting natural values and Ecosystem Services
Funding Body: Life Programme, European Commision
About: The project aims to increase public awareness on the natural values of Ethniko Dasiko Parko Troodous (EDPT) for which it was included in the Natura 2000 network; this includes the Ecosystem Services (ES) it provides.
Duration: 2017-2020

Title: JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children
Funding Body: JUST/2014/RCHI/AG/PROF/7036
About: Judex+ aims to support a positive judicial experience for children victims of sexual violence by improving the skills of professionals involved in representing children in judicial proceedings through trainings which consider children’s rights, their developmental needs and social background in countries where the Lanzarote Convention has been recently ratified.
Duration: 2015-2017

Title: FuelWatch
Funding Body: Ministry of Energy, Commerce Industry and Tourism, Cyprus
About: The Fuel-Watch service mainly aims at informing users whether the amount of fuel added in their car from a petrol station is the same with the amount indicated in the petrol station hose’s meter.
Duration: 2017-2020

Title: Novel Technologies for Production Planning in Flexible Supply Chains
Funding Body: Research Promotion Foundation (ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΙΣ/ΕΦΑΡΜ/0308/84), Cyprus
About: The main goal of the project is the development of a software package that will optimize production planning.
Duration: 2009-2012

Title: Investigation of Earthquake Signatures on the Ionosphere over Europe
Funding Body: Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus (ΤΠΕ/ΕΠΙΚΟΙ/0311(ΒΙΕ)/06)
About: The aim of this project is to conduct an investigation into the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere interaction with respect to earthquake events by exploiting a multi-instrument approach facilitated by existing ionospheric monitoring networks in Europe.
Duration: 2014-2016

Title: Cyprus Ionospheric Forecasting Service over Cyprus
Funding Body: Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus (ΤΠΕ/ΕΠΙΚΟΙ/0311(ΒΙΕ)/06)
About: The primary objective of this project is to establish a High Frequency (HF) operational service for real-time specification (now-casting) and short-term forecasting of the state of the ionosphere over the eastern Mediterranean region.
Duration: 2012-2016

Title: “CrODA-Gator”: A Crowdsourcing-based service for collecting, managing and mapping mobile data.
Funding Body: -
About: “CrODA-Gator” – the Crowdsourcing Open-Data Aggregator service for crowdsourcing, managing and mapping mobile data.
Duration: 2016-2017

Title: ARShooter Wars
Funding Body: -
About: ARShooter Wars is an innovative real-time augmented reality game that is based on Crowdsourcing, Location-awareness and Artificial Intelligence.
Duration: 2014-2015

Title: FireWatch (G.I.S.-assisted Wireless Sensor Networks for Forest Fires)
Funding Body: National Framework Programme for RTDI 2009-2010
About: Firewatch aims to design and develop a ubiquitous fire detection and prediction system, coined FireWatch, based on technologies in WSNs, GIS, Terrain Analysis & Digital Terrain Modelling and Collaboration Systems.
Duration: 2009-2012

Staff Involved External Projects

Title: COI-Cyprus - Provision of social support services to asylum seekers
Funding Body: European Refugee Fund and the Republic of Cyprus (Asylum Service - Home Office)
About: The Action is addressed to asylum seekers and aims to improve the reception conditions and the services provided to asylum seekers.
Duration: 2009-2011

Title: SCICHALLENGE: Next Generation Science Challenges Using Participatory Techniques and Digital Media
Funding Body: Horizon 2020 (H2020)
About: The SCICHALLENGE project focuses on developing novel concepts to actively integrate young people in science education using a contest-based approach to self-produced digital education materials from young people for young people.
Duration: 2015-2017

Title: PaaSage: Model Based Cloud Platform Upperware
Funding Body: EU FP7
About: PaaSage will deliver a development and deployment platform, with an accompanying methodology, with which developers of enterprise systems can access services of cloud platforms in a technology neutral approach that abstracts the technical details while guiding them to configure their applications for best performance.
Duration: 2012-2016

Title: Prosperity4All: Ecosystem infrastructure for smart and personalised inclusion and PROSPERITY for ALL stakeholders
Funding Body: EU FP7
About: Prosperity4all focuses on developing the infrastructure to allow a new ecosystem to grow; one that is based on self-rewarding collaboration, that can reduce redundant development, lower costs, increase market reach and penetration internationally, and create the robust cross-platform spectrum of mainstream and assistive technology based access solutions required.
Duration: 2014-2018

Title: Miraculous: Miraculous-Life for Elderly Independent Living
Funding Body: EU FP7
About: This project aims to design, develop and evaluate an innovative user-centric technological solution, the Virtual Support Partner (VSP), attending to the elder (65+) daily activity and safety needs, while the elder goes about his normal daily life.
Duration: 2013-2016

Title: COIN: COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises.
Funding Body: EU FP7 ICT
About: The mission of the Coin IP is to study, design, develop and prototype an open, self-adaptive, generic ICT integrated solution to support the above 2020 vision, starting from notable existing research results in the field of Enterprise Interoperability and Enterprise Collaboration.
Duration: 2010-2011

Title: Leaders
Funding Body: Erasmus Mundus
About: LEADERS Erasmus Mundus is a scholarship programme for students and researchers professionals on Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral as well as Academic and Administrative Staff members from South-East Asia to European Union and vice versa. It is offering mobility opportunities of high quality students, emerging, early stage and established researchers and administrators.
Duration: 2014 selection

Title: Strong-Ties
Funding Body: Erasmus Mundus
About: STRONG-TIES: Strengthening Training and Research Through Networking and Globalization of Teaching in Engineering Studies. The main objective of the project is to provide a quality international experience through the mobility of high quality students.
Duration: 2014 selection

Title: Intact: It’s Time for CollaboratioN TowArds Close CooperaTion
Funding Body: Erasmus Mundus
About: The main objective of this project is to provide through the mobility a high quality international experience for outstanding early career and established researchers, aiming the widening of existing knowledge on electronics and computing.
Duration: 2013 selection

Title: VALS: Virtual Alliances for a Learning Society
Funding Body: Erasmus LLP
About: VALS LLP will establish sustainable methods and processes to build knowledge partnerships between Higher Education (HE) and companies to collaborate on resolving authentic business problems through open innovation mediated by the use of Open Source Software (OSS).
Duration: 2013-2015

Title: Connected Vitality Network (CVN)
Funding Body: Active and Assisted Living Programme
About: ConnectedVitality project aims to develop 'the second best connection' a video communication network, coined 'The ConnectedVitality Network', enabling immobile senior citizens to organize their social network and choose the activity and select levels of social interaction according to their individual needs, abilities and chosen lifestyle.

Title: MUSIC: Self-adapting applications for mobile users in ubiquitous Computing Environments
Funding Body: FP6-IST
About: MUSIC is a focused initiative that develops a comprehensive open-source software development framework that facilitates the development of self-adapting, reconfigurable software that seamlessly adapts to the highly dynamic user and execution context, and maintains a high level usefulness across context changes.
Duration: 2006-2010

Applied Research Projects

Total Funding: 57290
Title: Web platform for managing environmental legislations
Funding Body: Department of Environment (Public Procurement), Cyprus
About: The development of a web platform for managing the environmental legislations ΣΕΠΕ/ΕΠΕ to be made available to all relevant Departments and Local Authorities that authorize projects and programs, as well as interested non-governmental organizations.
Duration: 2016

Title: 360 Video Mobile Viewer
Funding Body: Polar Effect - Immersive Media Lab, Netherlands
About: A branded app, allowing Pollar Effect customers to access all of your 360° content, including gigapixel panoramas, virtual tours and 360° video from any smartphone or tablet.
Duration: 2015-2017

Title: Stepfree
Funding Body: Microsoft, Cyprus
About: StepFree is an interactive-informative application to help people with disabilities. It allows admins to enter a venue with their facilities and users to search venues by location, facilities, etc. This is a project offered to the Cyprus Paraplegic Association.
Duration: 2015-2017

Title: Autonomous Research & Guard Oversea System (ARGOS)
Funding Body: CYRIC / CYTA, Cyprus
About: A.R.G.O.S. is an innovative framework composed of: (i) an autonomous drone for guarding a particular area via object detection using machine learning, (ii) a cloud based infrastructure with face and emotion detection, (iii) an autonomous vessel for the rescue mission and (iv) a windows application for real-time tracking and monitoring the missions.
Duration: 2016

Title: Smart Ecological Cultivation System (SECS)
Funding Body: Microsoft / CYTA / TNT / FXPro
About: SECS is an autonomous smart and ecological cultivation system that is developed for managing and controlling cultivation, automatically (and remotely through a smartphone application), in real time.
Duration: 2015

Title: Implementation of modifications on web platform
Funding Body: Cyprus Anti-Drug Council (Public procurement AAD10/2015)
About: MDL won the governmental competition for implementing necessary modifications on ASK's existing web platform and to provide technical support.
Duration: 2015-2016

Title: NETteller Smartwatch Banking
Funding Body: NetInfo Plc, Cyprus
About: NETteller Smartwatch Banking project offers a secure, password-free access to bank-account information through your smartwatch.
Duration: 2015-2016

Title: Thermokoitida Agapis website
Funding Body: Microsoft, Cyprus
About: Website for Thermokoitida Agapis that raises awareness, provides support and empowers families affected by prematurity.
Duration: 2016

Title: Pay by Tech Ltd Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework
Funding Body: Pay by Tech Ltd, Cyprus
About: A CRM platform supported by smartphone applications for meeting the need of the PBT online services
Duration: 2015-2016

Title: Transportation Organization of Nicosia District (OSEL) - Open Data
Funding Body: Open Data Grant - Microsoft
About: The Microsoft Open Data Grant Initiative aims at promoting the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. In this project an Azure cloud-based infrastructure is developed to "open" OSEL's data.
Duration: 2013-2015

Title: Cyprus Tourism Organization - Open Data
Funding Body: Open Data Grant - Microsoft
About: The Microsoft Open Data Grant Initiative aims at promoting the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. In this project an Azure cloud-based infrastructure is developed to "open" the CTO's data.
Duration: 2013-2015

Title: Engino kidCAD
Funding Body: Engino, Cyprus
About: The 3D model viewer app has been created to allow easy access to new models developed by the ENGINO team and gradually the users themselves.
Duration: 2014-2016

Title: Cyprus Post
Funding Body: Powersoft, Cyprus
About: The Cyprus Post app allows users to easily access the post office services of the Republic of Cyprus.
Duration: 2015-2016

Title: LAMDApp - Loyalty Scheme
Funding Body: Lamda Card Services, Cyprus
About: A multipurpose LAMDApp that provides instant access to ATM Locations, loyalty schemes participants and kiosks selling points at the tip of a finger.
Duration: 2014-2015