KEYSTONE Conferences – Events – Incentives,the new brand name by TAMASOS TOURS, has invested in a new state-of-the-art online platform to serve both the increasing Conference Registration demands, as well as the Associations Membership Renewals. Combining our 15-year experience in conference organizing and our previous versions of online registration programmes, we have updated our platform in order to meet today’s demands of our clients, Universities, Organisations, Institutions, Medical Associations, etc. We are proud to present our new platform, which although simple for the participants to use, it is a sophisticated software and an integrated solution that supports conference registration, booking of accommodation, transfers, meals, excursions etc, as well as renewing associations’ memberships. It is user friendly (designed for PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone), flexible, and participants can complete their registration within 3 minutes. The platform supports online secure payment by credit card which grants instant confirmation of all services, or alternatively you may choose the bank transfer option. Users can at any time easily access their account history, and see their past conference participation, invoices, and receipts.


Elias Kokkinos - Developer