High level knowledge awareness of BlockChain Technology applications in SMEs (BCT4SMEs)

In comparison with big firms, small businesses confront several problems in the business economy. Many of them face barriers in entering trade markets, while others can confront difficulties in several sectors, such as transactions, data storage, cash flow, and security but also for efficiently protecting IP. BCT4SMEs aims at supporting managers utilizing and integrating blockchain technology, and benefit from the advantages that it comes with. In order to achieve its goal, the project will create a personalized environment which will deliver strategies and actions that need to be adopted by learners in order to learn how to effectively use the blockchain technology. The actions will be focused on two main fields that blockchain technology could be used, namely security and finances. The partners will implement the following activities in order to achieve the project's main objective: • Identify the most important problems that small businesses face, and document winning practices. • Validate needs of owners/managers of SMEs from partner countries in relation to knowledge and skills for implementing the winning practices regarding blockchain technology. • Elaborate a training methodology and a set of blockchain technology strategies for owners/managers of SMEs with focus on finances and security. • Devise the list of actions to be implemented by the trainees for materialising each strategy. • Design and develop the Blockchain Technology Course (BCT Course) to support action implementation by the trainees so that they can materialise the strategy which is more appropriate to their situation. • Design a learning achievement and recognition framework. • Design and develop the Blockchain Implementation Assistant to facilitate the personalisation of the digital strategies and deliver to each trainee the actions for materialising each own strategy. • Organize pilots for validation of BCT Course and “BIA”. • Set up the BCT4SMEs Academy virtual space to support the growth of the BCT4SMEs network of adopters and practitioners • Promote the Academy and the projects outcomes through dedicated multiplier events. MDL main role(s): • BCT Course Development: Design and development of the BCT course to support the implementation of the actions. The course will be action based in response to the identified actions which need to be supported for their implementation. The modules of the course will originate from the core elements of security and finances (Cryptocurrencies, Payments, smart contracts etc) and for each module actions will be presented in the form of goals to be attended. Blockchain Implementation Assistant: • Using the “Virtual Assistant”, trainees will select their type of business (technical, consulting, retail, etc) and then provide answers to a series of blockchain related questions relative to the type of business. Depending on the type, the evaluation methodology will address the trainee with questions, then, on the basis of the answers provided, the “Virtual Assistant” will generate a report indicating to the learners the weak points of its knowledge and skills regarding blockchain applications. It will be the most innovative instrument of the proposed project and is aimed at guaranteeing a totally interactive way to develop and deliver training contents and tools.


Achilleas Achilleos, BSc, MSc, PhD - Principal Investigator

Andreas Konstantinidis, PhD - Researcher

Marios Lestas - Researcher