ARP Guard

About the application

WiFi ARP Guard keeps you safe from intruders, hackers, attackers and sneaky-users from having access to your WiFi and consequently to your smartphone’s sensitive data. It detects and prevents (rooted only) the “MAN IN THE MIDDLE” attack – Users are instantly informed about possible attacks and have the option to disable the WiFi immediately. View your cache table with a single click and be informed for any “mysterious” alternations or irregularities. Use the WiFi ARP Guard to secure your Facebook, Twitter, ebay, LinkedIn and other online accounts – username/password – especially when accessing WiFi from public places. The WiFi ARP Guard app was developed by Chrosforos Kronis for the ACSC523 - Network Security course of the MSC in Web and Mobile Systems program of Frederick University and supervised by Dr. Hadjichristofi George (co-director of NetLab). If you enjoy WiFi ARP Guard please take a moment to rate it. Thanks for your support!


  • George Hadjichristofi - Lecturer - Director

  • Christoforos Kronis - Lab Assistant - Developer


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