Mobikids Park

About the application

Play, Learn and Grow!!! ★ Mobikids Park is an exciting, fun, easy-to-use and educational game with nice animations and with major focus on satisfying the kids-experience. Allows kids to learn and play free games (fully functional) using one single app having detailed – animated tutorials for each single part of the app. ★ The application is multilingual. It supports six languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Bulgarian). So your kids can learn a new language easily!!! ★ Other than the learning parts, the app includes two games: 1) Kids play and learn the animals and their sounds by simply taping the right animal. 2) Kids learn to map animals with the appropriate icon related to each animal by simply tilting the smartphone. Correct answers are rewarded with cheering that kids love. ★ Features and Major Scope: • The rules are simple; animated tutorials are provided for any single part of the game. • Kids exercise the brain's responsiveness and rapid hand-eye co-ordination. • Improve kids’ observation, cognitive ability, memory, creativity and imagination as well as ability to concentrate and level of education. • Exercise visual ability to observe dynamic objects. • Suitable for kids, children, infants, young children, baby, younger, students happy to learn. • There are a lot of cute animals. • Can be also used as an educational tool at school.


  • Second New & Rising Game in Windows store - Windows Store


  • Alexis Shammas - Developer

  • Panagiotis Zinieris - Developer


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