Social Hunt

About the application

Social Hunt solution is innovative application is composed of four modules: (a) the ARShooter module that is a digital version of the paintball activity having characteristics from the well-known Counter-strike and Call of duty FPS games, (b) the Treasure Hunt module that is a digital version of the traditional outdoor treasure hunt game and the (c) the Road Trip planner module that creates road trips for allowing drivers to explore an area, a country etc. Finally, (d) allows users to announce interesting events. In all activities, the users have the opportunity to win real and/or virtual gifts, such as free drinks from a bar, café etc., vouchers from shops, or even special weapons (in ARShooter), a tip for the treasure hunt, etc.


  • Christoforos Kronis - Lab Assistant - Developer

  • Konstantinos Marouchos - Developer

  • Yiannis Hadjicharalambous - Developer

  • Melina Marangou - Developer


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