AGRILORA - Smart Agriculture using Ultra-Long-Range Wireless Data and Power Transfer

About the project

 AGRILORA project will capitalize on the Smart Agriculture business opportunity, by delivering a cost-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) agricultural sensor platform to enhance crop monitoring and improve farmer decisions. Based on advancements in ultra-low-power ultra-long-range wide-area network (ULoRaWAN) technologies, AGRILORA System will be purpose-build and optimised for mass-scale Smart Agriculture Applications. The system will be fully tested and validated in Smart Vineyards precision agriculture demonstration pilots at Experimental Stations of end-user Agriculture Research Institute (ARI), Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus.
AGRILORA will deliver Smart Agriculture solutions validated in an operational environment (TRL7) offering: 1. Ultra-Low-Power LoRaWAN sensing end-nodes using intelligent power management and adaptive rate adaptation for longer battery lifetime 2. Battery-less agriculture sensing end-nodes using wireless power transfer and energy harvesting 3. Ultra-Long-Range WAN (U-LoRaWAN) wireless coverage extension for remote and uneven terrains using autonomous aerial gateways on agriculture drones.

The role of MDL is to support CyRIC in the theoretical and analytical aspects of the LoRaWAN geolocation and tools optimisation, providing applied scientific results beyond the state-of-the-art. 

Sustainable Development Goals:


  • Christoforos Kronis - Lab Assistant - Developer

  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Director


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