Connected Vitality Network (CVN)

About the project

Elderly with mobility problems cannot organize their social connections and lifestyle the way they want, which puts them in a depending situation. In 2010 a European consortium of universities, companies and end user organisations started the AAL-funded CVN-project. Goal of this project was to develop a technological answer to the growing problem of loneliness amongst elderly people in Europe. For elderly, loss of a life partner or immobility problems greatly contribute to feelings of helplessness and isolation. Reconnecting to others has huge advantages, both emotional and practical. The development of such an ICT- tool was to be grounded in firm scientific research. The tool itself was going to be developed in close contact with end users to make sure it would really meet their requirements. The three-year project, finished September 2013, turned out to be a highly inspirational process which led to the successful development of the product. 


  • Achilleas Achilleos - Lecturer - Lead Researcher

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