About the project

The Fuel-Watch service mainly aims at informing users whether the amount of fuel added in their car from a petrol station is the same with the amount indicated in the petrol station hose’s meter. Additionally, all per vehicle fuel recordings will be stored in a cloud-based infrastructure, along with other information, through automatic data retrieval (e.g., GPS, location data, time, etc.), and/or manual data input through a user interface. Those data will be further processed and analyzed in order to be used to control, monitor, inform as well as provide special reports to all interested parties (e.g., consumers, service stations, government agencies.) Finally, the Fuel-Watch service will also provide useful spatio-temporal information to users such as the nearest petrol-station, current fuel price of petrol stations, the most reliable petrol station, etc.

Sustainable Development Goals:


  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Lead Researcher

  • Elias Kokkinos - Developer


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