A whole-plant phenotyping platform to improve plant productivity, agricultural sustainability, and resilience to climate change

About the project

This project intends to establish a state-of-the-art plant phenotyping center of excellence in Cyprus, named PHENOTYPOS. Plant phenotyping is the process of quantifying the physiological and biochemical traits of plants under defined conditions and used to evaluate plant growth, development, quality, and plant responses to various environmental conditions and treatments. A phenotyping facility in Cyprus would enable the evaluation of plant cultivars that are best suited for local environmental conditions, provide a tool for plant breeders to select improved crop varieties, enable the testing of specific agricultural chemicals, accelerate research and development in plant and environmental research, and serve as a platform for building additional smart agricultural technologies. . PHENOTYPOS would help advance local and sustainable agricultural production, improve food security, and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on agricultural productivity.


  • Iasonas Iasonos - Lab Assistant / Senior Software Developer - Developer

  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Project Leader

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