About the project

This project minimizes the group of people who face food insecurity by implementing an innovative practice that has not been promoted in Cyprus before. The main aim of the project is to minimize food waste of edible food in Cyprus by offering it to people in need and also to minimize the group of people who face poverty and cannot satisfy their basic needs by offering them food that otherwise would be wasted. MDL designed and developed a web-portal and a smartphone application for managing and viewing all data related the SaveOurFood system. In particular, the web-portal allows the system’s administrators to manage (add/delete/edit) data related to all interested parties (suppliers, service users, volunteers) and available resources (food), view historical information and statistics as well as send notifications to and receive responses from volunteers. Moreover, the smartphone application is freely available to volunteers in order to instantly receive notifications from the administrators asking for their service based on their location and availability. The volunteers will be able to accept/reject the request as well as inform the administrators with the successful accomplishment of their tasks. Moreover, interested parties will be able to access protocols, policies and training materials related to the SaveOurFood project through the application.

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  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Project Leader

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