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About the project

A.M.A. MASQUARE LTD (hereinafter referred as maSquare) is a Cyprus based company established in 2013. maSquare’s line of business includes trading of branded, brand new products locally and internationally through various online sales channels (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Own E-Commerce Store etc.)
Amazon Marketplace includes several country specific marketplaces that can all be accessed by a seller through the Amazon Seller Dashboard (Backend). The main actions a seller must perform to sell on Amazon besides registering for a seller account and be verified and validated is to list products, define a selling price and stock quantity and define shipping prices.
Amazon is structured in the following country/regions specific individual marketplaces

  1. Amazon Europe
    1. Amazon UK (United Kingdom)
    2. Amazon DE (Germany)
    3. Amazon FR (France)
    4. Amazon IT (Italy)
    5. Amazon ES (Spain)
  2. Amazon Americas
    1. Amazon US (USA)
    2. Amazon CN (Canada)
    3. Amazon MX (Mexico)
  3. Amazon Asia
    1. Amazon AE (Arab Emirates)
    2. Amazon SA (Saudi Arabia)
    3. Amazon SG (Singapore)
    4. Amazon JPN (Japan)
  4. Amazon Oceania
    1. Amazon AUS (Australia)

When a seller registers in any of the marketplaces a unique Merchant Token (Merchant ID) is created that has the following format A3LBIR4UPSM2NG. The Merchant token is identical for all the marketplaces that belong to the same group, i.e. all marketplace that belong to Amazon Europe share the same Merchant Token for a seller.


  • Andreas Konstantinidis - Director - Director


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