Welcome to the BLISS Platform

The Bliss platform has been designed with the aim of providing innovative pedagogical strategies in the context of digital transformation and digital health literacy, by offering a training pathway aimed primarily at teachers and school staff, from which their respective secondary school students will then benefit.

Through an online training pathway, implemented in synergy with the 6 European countries participating in the project, teachers will have access to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), where they will be able to follow the training pathway in a flexible and engaging way. But that's not all: the training will also include workshop activities that will actively involve students, and an OER section where it will be possible to consult and upload in-depth materials online.

The diversity of perspectives and skills will help to make the course rich and stimulating.

In the English section you will find teaching materials developed in synergy between all the European partners, while in the national sections you will find some of these translated materials as well as materials dedicated to the specific realities of each country.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary initiative. Start your Bliss training and get ready to revolutionise the educational experience in your classroom.

It has never been so easy to learn!