Welcome to the UPDEIT Project App

Early identification of developmental delays is at the utmost importance in a child’s development. In order to have an efficient Early Identification and Early Intervention, certain practices must be set in place such as standardized instruments for screening and assessments as well as strategies for work with children with delays.

The UPDEIT Project app contains various screening methods for identification of children with disabilities as well as early intervention working strategies.

The UPDEIT app may be used by students in the early education field but also parents, caregivers, educators and special educators can monitor the development of each child and work with the children in home and/or professional settings.

Finally, the UPDEIT Project aims towards Updating of University curricula in the area of Early Intervention for children with developmental delay in all HEIs participating in this project with the possibility of further dissemination with other universities, pre-schools, schools, and other organisations and institutions.